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7 ème dimanche de Pâques

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Brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the 7 th Sunday of Easter Sunday Year A. This is like a transition, it is Located Between Two events, the Ascension and Pentecost. Jesus is gone, aim the spirit is not yet come. The young Church is there, waiting. The apostles saw Jesus go back Have you'm his room in Jerusalem Where They Had taken with him the last meal. Told They Are We are there with Peter At Their head, with brothers in faith and Some women. And as dominating all the world, stands the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, Considered the cradle of the young Church as It was the birthplace of Jesus. And it aussi the last time in the Bible, Mary is named Clearly.

At the heart of this expectation, there is prayer. Nothing can be done without Good prayer, no test can only be Overcome if we do not pray. It is a prayer, persevering prayer. thesis And as apostles, as the Virgin Mary, our life is like waiting. What can we do without prayer? Especially the wait is sometimes long, disturbing and stressful. Next Saturday at 18 am in the church, we will try to reconstruct the original community, and in the company of the Virgin Mary, we'll wait, we aussi Realized That the Lord in Each of us, in our parish community, icts promised.

Prayer is at the heart of the Christian life, it is what helps us to hold, it is She Who supports our battles, this is like the soul of the Christian life. And someone Rightly said: "  A day without prayer, it's not worth much.  "

The Gospel this Sunday takes us Precisely in the prayer of Jesus. Jesus, before leaving, prays to the Father. And the prayer of Jesus is Given to us today so That It can inspire our prayers to us. Sometimes we struggle to pray, we do not always know how to pray, we feel Abebooks web pray, we ask Wrongly goal. So let us Just a few times on the prayer of Jesus.

In this prayer, we remember two things. The first thing is laprière That means clustering friendship, complicity. To pray well, to be comfortable in prayer, we must first be a friend of God, His partner in everyday life. Prayer meeting is a friendship , it is more comfortable with a friend than with a stranger or someone Who has been hurt. Friends, it HAS Necessarily Many good things to say while with a stranger, sometimes HAS trouble finding what to say. Prayer is a time of joy. Jesus 'prayer is joy to present to His Father All That He Did, what he DID for him, and what he DID for others, it is the joy of presenting to His Father's work well done. Prayer Establishes the complicity of man with God. Prayer highlights the loyalty of man to God, the services That the man Went to His brothers, brotherhood, solidarity between us. I have glorified Purpose you on earth by Accomplishing the Work That You Had Given me (...) I have Manifested thy name to the men.  "In a relationship between friends, it Does not just ask, we do not complain That It Does not just apologize. You have not given me this, I want this, I ask this since you do not give me, and yet you give to others ....  ". Such a relationship can not be a relationship of friendship and No bear very long this kind of friend. Nobody can bear to live under Such pressure. Instead, it is a meeting Where We tell all the good things That we live together, what Does Each for the other, that 'Each promised to do the for each other, our joys and our sorrows not only. Through prayer contents, each Brings. What we bring interesting for God? Brothers and sisters, what we do for God and Abebooks web can submit? What we can submit the service as we are the friend the friend he is? In good prayer, he shoulds emerge a joy, the joy of one All who is proud to present to God That He Did. What is our prayer? If we want our prayers to be beautiful, let us strive to be the friend of God, to His service and That of our brothers and sisters. There are Some Who Do not know what to ask . And Behaves exactly as God Behaves us.

The second thing we can learn from Jesus' prayer is a pretty amazing thing. Here Jesus Began to say to His Father "  . Glorify Me (...) glorify me now (...) give me glory  "In fact, from the insist Demands-have for Jesus glory May surprise and shock odd. One Would Be Tempted to ask: "  Goal Jesus, what are you doing here? And preached humility Abebooks web-have you? Have You Asked to do something and you Otherwise?  "Jesus Would he, too, looking for recognition, honor, glory as Each One of us? Jesus he seek His own glory now? What does the word "  glory  "in All which he Discusses three times in this passage?

It shoulds first be Noted That this prayer of Jesus is not done before His ascent to heaven as one is Tempted to believe it is A Few hours before His passion and death on the last evening of Jesus with His apostles. And He Will Say That the hour of glory cam. His glory, so it is the cross, the sacrifice for us, it is not at all honors. Glory Refers to the weight of a Being in existence. For men, this May be the wealth, social position, has special talent. Goal for God, weight Refers to the love, the sacrifice, gift, giving oneself Entirely for the sole benefit of Reviews another.

In Hebrew, the word "  glory  "means clustering the weight, the value of a life That supports the trials of life, All which stands facing the powers of evil. The glory is What Makes weight. The glory of a person, that 'is icts value is what it can do for others. The glory of Jesus, so it is icts Ability to give everything for us, until, His Life. When You have a person like that Is That You-have someone of value. Goal-have if you a person Who is not ready at the Slightest exertion at the Slightest sacrifice for you Is That You Have a person of little weight, of little value, we can not count All which you. This is the glory That Jesus speaks in His prayer. Precisely And this is the glory . that we must seek The French writer Gustave Flaubert, in His novel, tells the disciples of John the Baptist cam to collect the Effective His body HAD Herod beheaded. Concludes His Story And he by this sentence: "  The head of John the Baptist WAS heavy  "heavy glory of a faithful life Until Death.

Brothers and sisters, Many of us, we are tired of giving, give, to be exploited, to be squeezed like oranges, no reward, no glory. Goal what glory is it? What is the glory Abebooks web seek? What Precious in the sight of God, Who Gives us the weight, All which is our glory to God, it's the sacrifices we are willing to grant to others, it is our loyalty, our generosity, our goodness. The lives full of glory, thesis are lives That do not make noise, They Have goal weight. The glory is not about appearance, it Concerns the heart.

Malthus the Christian life is a quest for glory. We, like Jesus, ask God to glorify us to Ensure That our life is the price for others, serve 'em something, it is valuable to Those around us to the Point Where We left the leaves in sorrow Because They Realize Sufficient account of what They Have lost. Our glory to us is this recognition without noise by the Lord and by Those with Whom we live Well That is our presence.

And the greatest moment of His Glory, Not His Ascension into heaven, That Is When He Was crucified. And our day of glory, this is not the day we receive a medal, it's every day That, in indifference and sometimes odd in ingratitude, we try to be faithful to God and to the services our brothers and sisters.

If pray must devote our friendship and complicity with God, pray aussi must be time for us to ask the Lord for strength and courage, to be glorified in our lives. Have you He is glorified, glorify God at the same time His and his brothers and sisters . We must ask God to be heavy: not in pockets, purpose in the heart. The glory of a person is When his heart is heavy.

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